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US: Pepperidge Farm launches digital loyalty programme

US-based baked goods manufacturer Pepperidge Farm has launched its first digital rewards programme for consumers on The programme is heavy on experiential rewards, which means that Pepperidge Farm fans can now burn off some calories in yoga class after they avail themselves of some of that delicious Farmhouse bread.

The eight-week loyalty programme rewards Pepperidge Farm consumers with a local beauty treatment or health and wellness session when they purchase three loaves of Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse or Whole Grain sandwich bread between April 19 and June 19, 2016, and upload their receipts on the microsite. They will then receive a reward code via email that can be redeemed on the microsite.

The programme is in all markets where Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse and Whole Grain breads are distributed. Loyalty rewards include manicures/pedicures, hair styling, makeup applications, fitness classes, personal training sessions, yoga or Pilates classes, roller skating passes, nutritional consultations, and more. Money quote from Hector Briones-Sanchez, Business Director of Fresh and Frozen Bakery, Pepperidge Farm:

"We're connecting with our consumers in a new, intimate way. Life can be hectic, and this loyalty programme is our opportunity to give consumers the relaxing and personalised experience they deserve with local businesses. For Pepperidge Farm, the care we put into our products extends to caring for our consumers."

The Bullet Point: We like that this programme is heavy on experiential rewards, but wonder why the programme is limited both in its scope - it's really only an eight-week promotion rather than a sustainable loyalty strategy - and that it rewards consumers only for bread purchases rather than rewarding them across all Pepperidge Farm product lines. Still, it's a start - and we hope the promotion is successful enough that Pepperidge Farm decides to commit to a long-term customer strategy.



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