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Loylogic offers brands more reward choice with new product Akruu

Loylogic, the Swiss-based loyalty provider with a global footprint, announced the launch of a new rewards product, Akruu. You can read the full press release here to learn more about the product.
Loyalty program members in most markets are seeking to use their hard-earned program equity with more ease and transparency. From the company’s website Loylogic makes clear its belief that loyalty program success is driven by choice. The company defines choice not just by reward options, but also the channels used for delivery and the cultural adaptations of languages or currencies needed to connect with program members wherever they may live.
Instances of reward redemption have been proven to be a highly valued point in the loyalty marketing value chain. Spikes in customer satisfaction and engagement are often noted, and opportunities for communication between brand and member created. With the introduction of Akruu, Loylogic hopes to provide more choice to the customers who participate in their client loyalty programs.
More information can be found in the press release noted above and by visiting the Loylogic website.
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