Travel Data Loyalty Report 2020 details new trends in the travel industry after the coronavirus.

Giving Back: Travel Data Loyalty Report 2020

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Travel Industry News Post-COVID-19

The world has been flipped upside down in a short period of time. Businesses small to large went from enjoying the fruits of arguably the greatest economic expansion in history to facing theories about the return of the Great Depression and terrible things to come. Now the businesses lucky enough to survive the last few months have reopened their doors and hope for a fast bounce back to normalcy — or at least the “new normal”. Yet as some industries will adapt and power on, some will not; and, there is one industry critically important to not just business, but to the modern world itself that will be tested: the travel industry.

The travel industry is way more than just a luxurious and speedy way to chauffeur business travelers around the world to conduct meetings. The travel industry — and particularly airlines — has given our modern world the opportunity to travel and explore places that would previously have never been possible. It’s sometimes easy to forget that only the recent generations have been so lucky to take advantage of modern and affordable air travel to see the world in a way that the generations before only dreamt.

It’s a good time to be grateful — and the loyalty industry has recognized that and stepped up to the plate. The Travel Data Loyalty Report 2020 produced by TravelDataDaily has created this report that lists over 25 companies — all of them work in the loyalty industry — who are offering their products and services in varying capacities for free to aid the travel industry.

Mark Ross Smith, Founder & Editor of TravelDataDaily, said it best: “What does loyalty mean to you? Is loyalty collecting points and miles? Does loyalty mean giving something and receiving something back? For me, loyalty represents the unspoken bond between people. An innate, unspoken connection which brings out the best in us when it’s most needed. Loyalty is the common connection we all have to the greater good of furthering humanity. Loyalty is about doing what’s right for each other. It’s extending our hands outward and offering that little extra help. Loyalty is about giving. Giving back to the people who have loved, supported, and helped us in all aspects of our life. This report is one small way that we as an industry can show our loyalty – and give back by helping support the industry which has provided us with careers, worldly adventures, and a whole lot fun.”

We will continue to recognize the power of loyalty and stay hopeful that if we give back in whatever way we can that all of us will come out of this stronger and better than ever.

Travel Data Loyalty Report 2020

Travel Data Loyalty Report 2020

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Giving Back: Travel Data Loyalty Report 2020
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