Michael Konikoff (of KABN) talks financial ecosystem

blockchain financial services

One of the best conference events of the year (in my opinion) was held at an unassuming “pub” in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.  What made the event so memorable was the mix of people there, the incredible variety of technologies they represented, and the fact that pubs are somehow more conducive to real business conversations than most conferences.

One of those people is Michael Konikoff, CRO of KABN, which is developing a suite of blockchain-based applications to effectively remove a lot of the friction in financial transactions.  It’s interesting technology to say the least.  (More on KABN here).

Michael and I had a lively conversation about his tech and where that kind of thinking could lead the financial services sector.

– mg

The Wise Marketer and Michael Konikoff @ LoyaltyLive from Wise Marketer Group on Vimeo.

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