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Limitless Provides Sun Basket with Innovative Gig ‘Customer on Customer’ Support

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  • Leading healthy meal kit company Sun Basket implements 24/7, premium, on-demand gig customer support in partnership with Limitless
  • Using customers to deliver customer satisfaction consistently exceeding 80%

San Francisco & London: 24th August 2020  Sun Basket, a leading meal delivery service focused on ingredient quality and amazing taste, based in San Francisco, CA, has partnered with Limitless, a premiere customer experience platform, to deliver on-demand customer support to customers nationwide.

Limitless’ gig platform puts Sun Basket’s loyal subscribers (‘Experts’) at the heart of its customer service function, helping to tackle attrition, cost and resourcing issues. Sun Basket Experts, enrolled on the Limitless app, respond to a variety of customer queries, including delivery of meal kits, customizing meal plans, and fitting subscription plans to family or individual needs. The success of the partnership to date has seen Limitless double its pool of Experts supporting Sun Basket customers, while maintaining consistent CSAT scores of more than 80%.

Brett Frazer, Vice President of Customer Service at Sun Basket, commented: “Customers serving customers is a winning outcome. The personal experience and connection these customer experts have with our brand leads to genuine and authentic help for the customers they assist. It also provides insight and situational awareness for our internal customer service organization, and enhances their connection to Sun Basket.”

Roger Beadle, CEO of Limitless, commented: “As someone who uses a food delivery service myself, what I’m most proud of here is that we have enabled a leading brand like Sun Basket, which relies on creating a personal connection to food, to access the power of their subscribers through gig customer service.”

Sun Basket is also using the Limitless platform to gather actionable feedback from customers about website changes to inform marketing and product decisions.

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