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Optimizing Loyalty: Creating a Compelling Loyalty Rewards Catalogue

Lets start this off with a quick poll.  If you are a consumer brand, how likely are you to be “afraid” of redemption?  Put another way, in your company’s financial culture, is reward redemption a good thing or a bad thing?  (Pause for appropriate thinking time).  Its remarkable to me that there are still divergent views on this topic at the C-suite level.

Beyond that very basic argument though, an effective loyalty program must have a well-tended/well-curated rewards catalog.  Period.  And as Azim Esmail points out, the content and mechanics of that catalogue must be unique to your customer segments and must be built on a solid understanding of the nuances of those segments.

Here is a segment from our recent conversation with Azim Esmail, founder and CEO of RewardOPS.

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