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Executive Interview: Kurtis Van Horn

“How in the world do you do that???” It’s a question that Kurtis Van Horn gets a lot – and it’s one that I myself couldn’t help asking when I caught their demo.

Van Horn is co-founder and SVP of AWM, the company behind SmartShelf, and soon, some fascinating AI-powered retail enhancements as well.

Without giving away their secret sauce, AWM has developed in-store technology that reads people as they near a store shelf or display, and presents messaging that is catered to that individual based on some very snazzy identification tech, and which changes according to the shoppers’ proximity to the display.

Best to let him do the explaining but if you want to catch a glimpse of where retail is headed, spend a few minutes with Kurtis and you’ll be enlightened. I did. And I was.

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