SureFire launches loyalty programme: points exchangeable

SureFire launches loyalty programme: points exchangeable

Another new loyalty programme signs up with Canadian-based Points.com’s “pointsxchange” loyalty programme currency exchange.

Canadian provider of secure online transaction processing services, SureFire Commerce, has launched a loyalty programme for consumers who use its FirePay secure online transaction system (which allows them to pay online without divulging their credit card information). At the same time, SureFire has become the latest organisation to sign up to Points.com’s pointsxchange programme so, through the tie-up, members will be able to exchange their FirePoints for the currency of other loyalty programmes.

Currency exchange Toronto-based Points.com is what is claimed to be the world’s first loyalty programme currency exchange. It isn’t a loyalty programme in itself; instead, it is busy forming partnerships with other loyalty programmes, to provide members of the other programmes with the facility to move points between programmes. Points.com includes other services as well, including the facility to allow users to set up automatic exchanging of points at regular intervals and a calculator, which shows the exchange value of the points or miles. Points.com and IBM Canada collaborated on the software behind the initiative.

Other loyalty programmes that have entered into commercial agreements with points.com include Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, America West Airlines, Chance Rewards, Click Rewards, Esso Extra, Loyalty Travel, Midwest Express Airlines and PhoneHog.comContacts:http://www.points.com http://www.surefirecommerce.com http://www.ibm.com/netgeneration

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