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#107: Using Loyalty Levers for a Higher Purpose

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

My favourite loyalty stories are programs or platforms that serve a higher purpose that benefit us as people as well as the companies we are customers of.

In episode 23 of LetsTalkLoyalty, I was thrilled to meet Dan Gipple, who is the founder of a loyalty platform called “Better Points” that uses loyalty psychology and mechanics to change consumer behaviour such as improving their health.

I had met Dan through an inspiring story that the BBC did on a loyalty programme in Italy called Bella Mossa – a programme designed by the city of Bologna to address the problem of pollution.

Listen to learn a summary of key insights on human behaviour & the psychology of consumer loyalty and some fascinating programmes that serve an even “higher purpose”.

Check out last week’s episode – #106: Intense Competition Driving Loyalty Innovation by South Africa’s Old Mutual

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