Let's Talk Loyalty Podcast

#276: Childcare Saver Leverages Affiliate Partners to Help Reduce the Cost of Childcare

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

Today’s episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” features an award-winning Australian loyalty programme, called Childcare Saver.

This year-old programme leverages the power of partnerships, community, and operational excellence to deliver a simple yet compelling proposition, focused on helping parents reduce the cost of their childcare.

Paula Thomas hosts todays show, and she is joined by Gary Carroll, the CEO and Managing Director of G8 Education Ltd which owns this programme, as well as Kristie Atkins, Managing Partner at Wink who operate it.

Together share the story of how Childcare Saver came about, the difference it is making for Australian families, and their vision and goals for the future.

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