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#85: Why Loyalty Programs Fail – Summary Episode

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

In this episode, I share the key lessons and learnings from a report entitled “Why Do Loyalty Programs FAIL?” This report was researched, compiled and published by Mike Capizzi, a loyalty expert and Dean of the Loyalty Academy.

Mike’s report identifies and explains the top TEN reasons for the failure of loyalty programmes based on insights from 34 global loyalty experts who together boast a combined total of over 500 years of loyalty marketing expertise.

We discuss the power and problems of collecting and using consumer data, the role of clear, powerful and compelling communications, setting and measuring relevant KPI’s, as well as the ongoing challenge of ensuring C-Suite support for any loyalty programme to be successful.

Listen to last week’s podcast here – #84: Virgin Red Loyalty Programme Launches in the UK

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