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Mission: Loyalty – Episode 6 – Increase Loyalty Program Engagement

In the most recent episode of Mission: Loyalty, Secret Agent Jess goes on a mission to help you increase engagement in your loyalty program. She reveals how to keep customers excited and minimize dormancy.

Creating a loyalty program requires a lot of resources, which is why it’s vital to follow through. To maintain the initial success of your loyalty program, consistent engagement is crucial. Consistent engagement also strengthens the relationship between your brand and program members, so you can be sure they’ll keep choosing you… even if your competition has a better offer.

Luckily, Agent Jess is here to provide some best practices to help you incentivize customers to engage with your loyalty program more consistently, win back shoppers, and reduce churn.

So, don’t wait another minute! Learn how to re-engage dormant shoppers and increase loyalty.


Mission: Loyalty – Episode 6 – Increase Loyalty Program Engagement
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