Loyalty Research Services

The Wise Marketer Group offers loyalty research services to help global marketing professionals address the myriad of issues involving the discipline of loyalty marketing.

Our extensive library of publications going back more than 10 years, plus our on-going relationship with loyalty researchers and Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals™ from all regions of the world, put us in an excellent position to search, find, compile, analyze and interpret sources of relevance to the industry.

We also maintain close ties with our sister company, The Loyalty Academy, and the global loyalty consortium, Customer Strategy Network, which extends our reach and provides significant expertise to interpret findings.

TWM Research Services include:

Loyalty Program Audits

Performed at the category or sub-category level, our audit reports will identify the designs, value propositions, reward structures and member facing initiatives associated with a select group of competitors (5) in your category.  You specify the competitors and the attributes you would like to research. We do the rest.

Loyalty Landscape Reports

Performed at the wider category level, and often including non-category examples, our landscape reports will identify key trends and pathways to the future related to your business objectives and your loyalty programs. Landscape reports include a summarization of trends, recommended scenarios for future consideration and a complete bibliography of sources and references.

Loyalty Insights Publications

Periodic research and insights compilations customized to a specific client’s needs. Typically issued monthly, the client selects the topics, vertical markets, geographies of interest and TWM researchers pull together relevant facts, findings, interpretations and insights covering the request. We put the insights report into a digital publication with graphics and client messaging, and upon approval by the client, push to relevant audiences via e-mail with back end reporting.

Custom Consumer Research

Quantitative research studies compiling the attitudes, opinions, behaviors and demographics of consumer audiences within the loyalty industry are offered on a custom basis. We assist the client with research design and survey outline; we mange the sub-contractor relationship with a qualified field and tab research supplier; we interpret findings and write the final report.

All work product delivered by TWM Research Services becomes the property of the client and strict confidentiality provisions apply. Research fees vary based upon objectives, complexity, and sample sizes

For further information contact support@thewisemarketer.com.

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