The convenience retail sector has seen quite a bit of innovation in loyalty program design.

Aimia Loyalty Solutions: Making Business Personal

Aimia Loyalty Solutions is a globally recognized leader in full-service loyalty solutions for leading retail, CPG, travel & hospitality, financial services and entertainment brands. As a customer-centric organization, we help brands identify and target key customer segments to deliver personalized brand experiences. Through our people, proprietary methodologies and leading technology, we deliver personalized experiences with predictive results for top global brands.

  • With 80+ years of loyalty and marketing experience, Aimia works with 200+ clients and partners in more than 40 markets globally
  • Aimia works with clients to inspire brand loyalty through better experiences
  • Global leader in loyalty marketing, services, technology and data platforms
  • Aimia loyalty programs deliver an average ROI of 3X to 7X

The Aimia SmartJourney®

Our proprietary SmartJourney® methodology classifies, quantifies and predicts customer behavior across key lifestyle stages to uncover the highest impact revenue opportunities and risks for businesses. Integrated with AI and Machine Learning tools, the SmartJourney® makes business personal by better understanding your customers and what drives their purchase behavior, ultimately delivering an average of 3X to 7X ROI. Learn more about SmartJourney®.

Contact Aimia Loyalty Solutions

Contact Aimia Loyalty Solutions

Aimia is a trademark owned by Aimia Inc. and is used under license.

Leading Global Loyalty Services & Technology

Aimia offers a full suite of customer loyalty services. Our customer-centric loyalty program design combined with advanced analytics helps you grow 1:1 customer relationships built from in-depth insights. Clients can tap into our broad partner network for unique earn and burn opportunities and leverage our team of campaigns and customer experience experts to engage members throughout their journey. When combined with our program management resources, your program is continually optimized to perform at its best and deliver greater ROI.

Aimia’s Loyalty Platform is an open and accessible technology that seamlessly integrates with your business and partners. Featuring customer management, loyalty management and segmentation and personalization, clients gain a 360-degree view of their customers to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Powered by AI and Machine Learning tools, the Aimia Loyalty Platform delivers triggered, automated campaigns and promotions to send the right message, at the right time, in the right channel. Additionally, visual data analytics and configurable reporting mean a real time analysis into how your program is performing and opportunities for improvement.

Personalized experiences and predictive results drive brand growth through data-driven engagement

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Aimia Loyalty Solutions: Making Business Personal
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