We know, choice is the key driver for ultimate loyalty success

At Loylogic we follow a simple but powerful logic: Choice, like the options in rewards and redemption possibilities for members but crucially also the choice in channels, locations, languages, currencies, liability reduction and cost per point strategies for programs. This choice defines the value of a loyalty program and its points currency. This in turn drives member engagement, and ultimately an increase in points sales and company revenue.

The result is proven and powerful: We passionately deliver choice on all these different levels and without its complexity to our partners. We are energized by re-defining the concept of ‘rewarding’ and ‘collecting’. Leveraging the technology advantage that we’ve created, we can provide you with the next generation reward experience and constantly innovate further to make you stay ahead of the loyalty game.

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Contact Loylogic


Experience, drive and business vision

· We work with the world’s leading loyalty programs and provide customized solutions across different industries.

· Experts in the airline, hospitality, banking, FMCG, telco industries and many more.

· Our purpose is to make your loyalty currency loved – among your members and your CFO.

· We’ll accelerate your program and give you the right choices to make which will drive member engagement and program revenue.

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