119 Customer Loyalty Ideas to Combat COVID-19

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 15, 2020

When we started the Loyalty Academy and introduced the first ever professional certification for loyalty marketers, our mission was to offer educational services to raise the bar of knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in our industry. And just as important, create a community and institution for these professionals to collaborate and contribute. Adam Posner is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional and he embodies the Loyalty Academy's mission.

Two weeks ago, we wrote an article titled The Global Loyalty Marketing Community’s Response to COVID-19. This article's purpose was to bring the efforts of two CLMPs, Adam Posner and Alexander Sussel, to "beat COVID-19 with the love of loyalty" to the attention of our industry. We invited everybody to collaborate and contribute to their databases of ideas and actions in response to COVID-19.

What transpired was incredibly encouraging. Sixty-three loyalty professionals from around the world, including Australia, Canada, India, Germany, South Africa, UAE, UK, and the US, contributed ideas to combat COVID-19 with customer loyalty.

The 119 customer loyalty ideas were categorized into nine themes:

  1. Strategy: Review strategy and innovate; pivot or reposition program; review investment and program financial modelling, proposition, or business operations
  2. Data analysis: Analyse and segment; profile to understand members by value
  3. Program structure: Assess structure and evaluate member status and tiers
  4. Rewards and benefits: Provide new or different rewards and benefits relevant to members’ lives
  5. Experience: Evaluate program experience and enhance engagement
  6. Communication: Focus on relevant and clear communication with a sensitive tone
  7. Community: Help your community and/or cause related giving
  8. Team: Invest in your team; encourage their belief and buy-in to customer loyalty / loyalty program
  9. Customer service: Be available to help members and customers

You can download the report below. We hope you'll find value, positivity, and encouragement as we all navigate these very unusual times. And once again, we thank Adam Posner, CLMP and Alexander Sussel, CLMP for starting this effort. Stay safe and be well!

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Complex Customer Challenges are the New Normal

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