#155: Emirates Skywards - Driving Success Through Personalisation, Partners & New Propositions

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 28, 2021

What a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the impact of the global pandemic on the Emirates Skywards loyalty programme.I was joined by Dr Nejib Ben-Khedher for a second time, who shared some fascinating insights on the most powerful initiatives they recently launched, with an increased focus on personalisation, powerful partnerships, and innovative technology solutions to create even more compelling experiences for customers.

Nejib explains how they've doubled their open rates for Skywards email campaigns, and enhanced the "in-path" experience to multiply their look-to-book ratio, going back to basics to support the airline as it recovers from the effects of the pandemic on overall travel patterns.

We also discuss Skywards+, the latest addition to the Skywards proposition, with insights on who's engaging and why, as well as the gamification approach that's proving increasingly popular. Members compete to claim tickets for unique Skywards Experiences through Emirates-sponsored events such as the Formula 1 racing, football games with AC Milan, Arsenal and Real Madrid as well as world class tennis and cricket to cater to all of their member's passions.

We learn the incredible ongoing growth for Skywards despite the pandemic, as well as some extra-ordinary changes in how members are engaging.

Finally, we discussed some of the future trends that Nejib is focused on for the next phase of growth for Skywards, with a clear focus on increasing overall loyalty to Emirates with its passengers and members.