2005's Top 10 corporate gifts announced

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 20, 2005

2005's Top 10 corporate gifts announced

The US-based promotion gift supplier ePromos has published its anticipated 2005 holiday season top ten list of corporate gifts and incentives, based on a review of 12,000 orders fulfilled in recent months.

According to Jason Robbins, chairman for ePromos, the company has noted a definite rise in the trend of businesses giving staff, clients and partners technological gadgets this year.

Gift guidance But Robbins warns that choosing the right gift - in a personalised way - is perhaps more important than the amount spent on the gift. Typical corporate gift budgets often allocate 1% - 2% of net profit. As a rule, the company suggests the following guidelines for corporate gift planners:

  • Personalised gifts are usually appreciated most.  
  • Holiday gifts are a unique opportunity to create a positive association on a personal level.  
  • Consider gifts that will be appreciated outside the office, such as wine sets or golf accessories.  
  • Selecting a brand-name gift usually ensures a high perceived value, even if the cost per unit is relatively low.  
  • If the gift budget is tight, make the thought count instead by finding something unusual or creative that's especially relevant to the recipient.

Top ten gifts Based on feedback so far, the top ten gifts for the coming holiday season are expected to include:

  1. Poker game sets (cards, chips, rule book, etc.)
  2. Travel sets (book light, neck pillow, eye mask, etc.)
  3. USB memory drives (the bigger the capacity, the better)
  4. 'Balancing Act' desk game (keeps the hands busy and the mind focused)
  5. Wine companion (multi-function bottle opener, wines book)
  6. Business card holder/desk sets
  7. Fleece ear warmers
  8. Sweatshirt blankets (soft, thick, sweatshirt material)
  9. Golf umbrellas
  10. Combination photo album/picture frames

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