3-day MBA offers fast path to loyalty expertise

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 12, 2011

The MBA Training Company (part of Terrapinn) has announced a 'Three Day MBA in Loyalty', with the aim of offering marketers with the necessary insights, best practices, impartial guidance, and advice to create a loyalty strategy that works.

Led by Mike Atkin, director for The Customer Strategy Network (CSN), the three day MBA course presents the ideas and fundamentals needed to help marketers be innovative and stay ahead of the competition.

"Most people in the loyalty industry have learned 'on the job', picking up pointers from colleagues, learning from mistakes and finding out what works and doing it again," said Atkin. "With a lack of formal education and training in the loyalty industry this has created problem for anyone wanting to be a true expert. Just look at how many companies have copied each other's loyalty strategies."

The course guides students through the dynamics of customer loyalty, the main business drivers, different business models, analysis, operational challenges, available technologies, the customer, and what may be coming next in the customer loyalty arena.

Those interested can request a brochure from the MBA Training Company, containing a breakdown of the three day agenda and a concise overview of what they can expect to take away from the course - click here.



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