'Tis Nearly the Season: 3 Secrets to Holiday Gifting Success

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 3, 2021

Now’s the time to make your customer and employee holiday gifting plans. Hinda has created a new guide to help you. Download 3 Secrets to Holiday Gifting Success to learn how to strengthen emotional ties and build brand loyalty.

This handy guide shows you:

  • Why gifting is important in enhancing business relationships.
  • Secrets of effective business holiday gifting.
  • How gifts help you stand out to your customers and employees.
  • Key benefits of gifting to your organization.
  • Tips for making your gifts and the gifting experience memorable.
  • The power of connecting emotionally with your recipients.
Hinda's new guide will cover three secrets to holiday gifting success.

The Value of Gifting

One of the most cost-effective methods to develop an emotional connection with customers is through gift giving.

Companies spend millions to attract and please customers. Investments in products, processes and customer service create rational reasons to purchase. But these investments are required just to keep an organization competitive. The game-changer is creating an emotional connection with customers.

Creating an emotional connection is not easy and may require years of cultivating a brand. A recent industry study not only demonstrated customers with an emotional connection to a brand had a higher lifetime value, but also spend twice as much with the preferred supplier, stayed with the brand 1.5 times longer and referred the brand to others four times more often. But one of the most impactful and least costly ways to develop an emotional connection with customers is simply to give them a gift.

Throughout history, gifts have been given to express appreciation, demonstrate respect, build relationships and affirm loyalty. A gift also requires no immediate obligation from the recipient. Yet everyone who receives a gift feels the human urge to reciprocate. Customers reward corporate gift givers with future purchases and brand loyalty.

Corporate gift giving can be an enormous challenge. You may know exactly what a family member or friend wants for the holidays or their birthday, but knowing exactly what to give a customer as a gift is much more difficult. There are three secrets you can use to make your corporate gifting successful.

1) Make Holiday Gifting Memorable

How you offer a gift can be as important as the gift itself. It is best to present gifts in person. If that is not feasible, make the gifting process simple, intuitive, and special for the recipient. Make sure packaging clearly ties your company to the gift and stands out from daily packages that might arrive. Using tissue paper in the packaging can make the delivery feel festive without gift wrapping the item.

2) Make It Lasting

Durable items extend the emotional connection with the giver over time. While a gift of food may be appreciated, it will likely only be remembered for a short time. A more durable item reminds the recipient of the giver each time they use it.

3) Make It Something They Want

Most companies offer customers just one gift. Recipients given a choice and allowed to select one item more suitable for themselves are prone to remember the giver.

Offering choice makes the gift selection very personal and memorable.

Download Holiday Gifting Made Easy to see how to make holiday gifts memorable, lasting, and something they want.

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