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#312: "KFC Rewards Arcade" - A Fun-Based Loyalty Strategy for Diners in the UK & Ireland

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 3, 2022

Today we discuss the launch of a brand-new high-profile loyalty program in the UK and Ireland, in the quick-service restaurant sector.

Kentucky Fried Chicken operates over 20,000 restaurants in 135 countries, so given their global brand, we were super excited to meet Ruby Huang, the CRM & Loyalty Lead at KFC UK & Ireland, to share their new program and its incredible early results. 

As this new programme uses gamification as its core mechanic, it is called the "Rewards Arcade" - a name which plays on the history of arcade games in the UK and allows KFC a way to celebrate the fun factor and their vision for engaging with their diners with a fabulous range of games over time.