​3,200 UK customers reveal thoughts on COVID safety​

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 24, 2020

Leading mystery shopper and consumer research company Proinsight is calling for action after a survey of 3,200 UK shoppers revealed how consumers and retailers are falling short of government COVID guidelines. 

The survey undertaken in partnership with the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association [MSPA] from July 7th to 21st included questions on sanitisation, signage, social distancing and PPE. 

Key findings included:

  • Petrol stations (50%) and pharmacies (39%) were failing to provide sanitation.
  • 92% of shops had clear signage.
  • 33% of staff in supermarkets are failing to observe social distancing.
  • 59% off customers in supermarkets are failing to observe social distancing.
  • Only 55% of customers across sectors are observing social distancing.
  • Automotive dealers score lowest (63%) on PPE for staff.

The survey also revealed that of all the safety measures, shoppers feel safest when customers socially distance (98%) and most vulnerable (unsafe) when there is a lack of signage (64%). Safety is also a factor in driving recommendations with only 57% of customers likely to recommend outlets with no safety measures in contrast to 93% when all safety measures are met.

David Hopkins, Managing Director of Proinsight, said: “This report shows three things: too many outlets across a number of sectors are failing at basic COVID safety; that we are failing ourselves as customers, by not observing social distancing when shopping; and that insights in to our behaviour are critical for us to adapt accordingly. And adapt we must.”

“Scientists have said we are at the limit of opening up society. Yet there may be no need to trade-off schools opening and pubs closing if we get better at COVID safety across the board: in supermarkets, at petrol stations, in chemists.”

“COVID has moved consumer insights from improving customer service and visitor experience to the fundamentals of making people feel safe and keep business viable. With the importance of getting children back to school and at the same time supporting our high street, this data demonstrates there are straightforward but critical measures that can be taken as we prepare for Autumn.”