Seven Proven Loyalty Mechanics from the Top 100 Loyalty Programs Report

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Posted on July 17, 2019

Customer loyalty at brands like Pampers, Ikea, and Shell are driven by well-thought out loyalty schemes. What are the loyalty mechanics behind their success? Open Loyalty’s team has recently analyzed the top 100 loyalty programs from all around the world to learn proven strategies that guarantee company growth and a good customer experience.

Let’s dive into seven examples of great loyalty mechanics and learn from their example.

1. Scan and be rewarded with Pampers Rewards

Pampers Rewards is a loyalty program led by Pampers - the number one diaper brand worldwide. The program is targeted at parents, especially young mothers. Customers can earn points by scanning in-pack codes or entering them manually every time they purchase a Pampers product. Points can be redeemed for coupons and gifts from the Pampers reward catalog.

With the loyalty mechanics the company is using, Pampers members gain points for each scanned Pampers product they purchase, no matter where they bought it. The number of points earned varies depending on the type of product and the quantity of items inside of the pack. Every new member gains 100 points for registering, and 50 points for the first code they scan and for joining the program. Customers need to register online through the website or download a dedicated mobile app (iOS/Android). 

Thanks to the scanning mechanics, the producer is in direct touch with end-customers, can track their shopping behaviours, and build an exceptional customer experience connected with one of the greatest experiences a human can have - the birth and raising of a child. 

2. Without points at Ikea Family 

Ikea is the world’s largest furniture retailer with a global reach of approximately 370 stores in around 47 countries. Ikea Family is a loyalty program run by Ikea. The program includes Ikea Family Cards, which are available in plastic and virtual versions via the Ikea mobile app. The brand is unified globally, nevertheless every country unit uses a slightly different set of engaging campaigns.

To join the program, customers have to register online through the Ikea website or mobile app (iOS/Android) or offline in Ikea stores. The mobile application’s role is also to make the shopping experience better by helping track a product in-store or by creating wish-lists for a future visit or presents from relatives, for example.

The offline experience is really important; in some countries there are offline kiosks and crew dedicated to identifying non-members and inviting them to join the program.


Ikea Family is different from other loyalty programs. Members do not receive points. All privileges for members of the loyalty program are available immediately after signing up for the program. 

The loyalty program is the main marketing medium used by the company.

top 100 loyalty programs 2019

Ikea uses email, SMS, print, and in-store communication to activate customers. Example marketing campaigns include: special offers for the inventory and gift card competitions.

3.  Earn visits instead of points with Shell Go+

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Shell is a British–Dutch multinational oil and gas company. Today, Shell is one of the six oil and gas “supermajors” with a reach of more than 70 countries. 

With the new loyalty program launched in the UK, Go+, Shell’s customers can earn visits instead of points. All they need to do is spend £10 or more on fuel, or £2 or more in the shop. Customers will get 10% off every Costa Express or Shell hot drink, discounts on snacks from the deli2go or Jamie Oliver deli by Shell ranges, and 10% off all Helix Motor Oils. Customers will also get money off fuel every 10 visits, 10% off Shell’s highest quality car wash services every time they wash their car, and plenty of treats as well as surprises along the way.

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Drivers may become a Loyalty Programme member of Shell by registering their membership either via an App or the Website. To start enjoying Shell Go+ rewards, customers need to download the Shell app which is quick and easy to use. All the driver should do to redeem a reward is to simply open the app before he gets to the till and scan his digital Shell Go+ card.

Alternatively, the customer can order a card and key fob. For that, the driver should register first via the Shell app or online, then he will be able to order a card or key fob to his address. It may take up to 14 days to arrive.

4. Rewarding experiences with Marvel Rewards

Marvel is an American entertainment company that was founded in 1998. It is a producer of a wide variety of comics, animations, and movies. Marvel Insider is a loyalty program based on points, and in order to register, users need to fill out a form online on Marvel’s website. 

Members can earn points by completing tasks set by the company including connecting their Facebook accounts, following Marvel on twitter, reading the news at, watching trailers, listening to podcasts, checking in at Marvel events and movies, or completing surveys. Points for completed activities will appear on the member’s account within 48 hours. The program also has four membership Levels: RInsider, Agent, Elite, and True Believer.

Marvel’s fans can exchange points for exclusive rewards, access to exclusive content, exclusive sales and discounts, gifts upon reaching a given tier, as well as birthday and anniversary gifts. 

All the rewards are very well crafted based on fans’ expectations, like one month of Marvel unlimited and digital comics.

top 100 loyalty programs 2019

Marvel’s fans can also earn 3% and 1% cashback with the Marvel mastercard. The special extras the cards offer are $25 Statement credit after your first purchase with a new Marvel Mastercard, 10% off merchandise purchases at every day, free shipping offers on during certain times of the year, and special discounts on Marvel Unlimited or Marvel digital comics.

Cardholders can also receive 20% off tickets to the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. when paying with the Marvel Mastercard at the box office, and 10% Off Merchandise purchased at the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

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5. Smooth mobile loyalty experience with Dunkin’Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts is an American global donut company and coffeehouse. Dunkin’ Donuts Perks is a loyalty program run by Dunkin and the program is based on points, which are granted for every purchase made in Dunkin’. To join DD Perks, users must complete the form online through the Dunkin’ website or app (iOS/Android), create a Dunkin’ Donuts Card, and load it with an amount of money from $2 to $100. 

The Dunkin’ Donuts app has DD Perks with rewards and loyalty offers, gift cards, On-the-Go Ordering with mobile pay, menus, nutritional facts, and store locators. 

The user experience becomes a very friendly one with the Earn Rewards Feature. Every client receives a free beverage when he registers to the app, for every 200 points earned and on his birthday. Also, for every dollar spent, the user will earn 5 points. Now, with the On-the-Go Ordering feature, users can place their Dunkin’ coffee order in advance and pick it up later. Dunkin’ On-the-Go lets customers pay for their morning donut and coffee before they're out the door. 

Another user experience feature – Customize your Dunkin’ favorites – lets users browse the Dunkin’ coffee menu and add a touch of French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, or Coconut to their order. 

best loyalty mechanics in 2019

The program is not divided into segments. The brand decided not to use segments or tiers, but to use the points method within their loyalty program and enable members to redeem them for special offers and prizes.

As a member, users can also pay with the loyalty application, an action which speeds up the shopping process. To share their experience, customers can send a virtual Dunkin' Donuts gift card to any Dunkin’ lover, via text or email, or be a hero and grab a Box O’ Joe or munchkins to share with family and friends.

6. Thank-You Rewards in CitiBank

Citibank is the consumer division of the financial services multinational Citigroup, which is an American multinational investment banking and financial services corporation. ThankYou rewards lets users earn points in various ways and collect them in a ThankYou Member Account.

Becoming a member requires having a Citi credit card with ThankYou Rewards or being a primary signer on a Citibank consumer checking account which has been enrolled in ThankYou Rewards. Users can earn points for making purchases with a Citi credit card (1 point = $1 or more for some categories) or for banking with a Citibank checking account and having qualifying products/services linked to their checking account (Auto Save, Savings/Money Market, Mortgage, Home Equity Line/Loan, Personal Installment Loan, and Custom Credit Line).

top 100 loyalty programs 2019

The mechanics of redeeming a gift card are very simple. The customer needs to find a brand he loves from the partner’s and brand’s list, and check the prices that work for him with a TJX gift card! Departments include apparel, shoes, home, beauty, and accessories. The TJX gift card is redeemable at over 2700 T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post stores (in the U.S. and Puerto Rico), and online at and

7. Resellers engagement at Lenovo Leap

Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese IT company founded in 1984. LEAP (Lenovo Expert Achievers Program) is a B2B loyalty program dedicated to Lenovo Business Partners. The company decided to launch a program that will increase loyalty in selling Lenovo’s server solutions.

The LEAP program is focused on the Lenovo Data Center Portfolio. To become a Partner, the user has to fill out the application form on the Lenovo LEAP website. 

LEAP is divided into three segments: LEARN - complete education modules and increase knowledge about products; EARN - reward points; PROFIT - get increased revenues and customer loyalty. In order for LEAP Points to be awarded, the partner must provide the sales invoices of eligible products on the LEAP website by the published deadlines.

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Partners can earn LEAP Points that can later be redeemed for Rewards by providing proof of their sales of eligible Lenovo products (Sell and Earn) and by boosting their knowledge about Lenovo through LEAP’s educational resources, which also cover related products and Lenovo solutions (Learn and Earn).

Taking inspiration from various brands and industries while creating your loyalty strategy might bring you lots of innovative ideas as well as proven practices. Loyalty programs may have various mechanics, but the most important thing is to focus on your business goals and on improving your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

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Top 100 Loyalty Programs 2019

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