#93: KPMG and The Truth About Customer Loyalt‪y‬

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 30, 2021

In this episode, I’m summarizing my interview with Selim Tanfous of KPMG, who shared insights from a survey of 18,520 consumers from more than 20 countries, called “The Truth About Customer Loyalty”. Selim explained the key “pillars” that drive customer loyalty, the importance of personalization compared to the power of your loyalty currency, as well as consumer-led factors such as the power of social media, online reviews and recommendations from friends and influencers in certain markets, particularly in Asia. 

We learn some of the key issues, including ongoing frustration around the lack of simplicity, and the reality that most programmes are still more relevant to baby boomers and generation x, rather than the consumers of the future.

We discuss the power of paid loyalty programmes, and the importance of innovation, and for brands to demonstrate a clear purpose, as well as potential for more coalition loyalty programmes and brand partnerships in many markets.

To learn more about this very interesting research from KPMG, you can listen to the full interview – it’s episode #15 on letstalkloyalty.com

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