#94: Global Coalition Loyalty Insights with Payback's CEO Bernhard Brugger

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 1, 2021

Recently voted one of the most innovative companies in Germany, Payback is a world-famous coalition loyalty programme, headquartered in Germany, that boasts over 80 million members. 

The company actually operates coalition programmes in six international markets, and enjoys extraordinary levels of engagement, with an extraordinary performance and over 95% of Payback Points redeemed by members!

Berni Brugger is the CEO who has led the company for over twenty years from its humble origins as a simple multi-partner programme, through its acquisition by American Express, now to its current positioning as a global marketing technology and services company. 

In this show of "Let's Talk Loyalty", Berni highlights the amazing successes achieved over the last twenty years, the (surprising) continued popularity of postal mailings with members, as well as the retail sectors that are thriving despite the challenges of Covid 19. 

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