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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 24, 2006

With it becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to reach prospective new customers, interest in more effective Customer Communication Management (CCM) strategies has become many marketers' focus, according to a new book on the subject - of which 1,000 copies are being given away to readers of The Wise Marketer, courtesy of co-publisher Pitney Bowes.

According to David Reed, author of the new book Profit Through Personalisation, the fact that customers prefer to have all channels of communication with a company properly integrated - so that they are treated consistently at every touchpoint - is now acknowledged in almost every boardroom. Click here to request a free copy of the book.

Using unusual channels
Marketers have also recognised that the full range of existing customer communications (such as bills, statements, loyalty mailings, and other correspondence) can also carry targeted marketing messages and promotional offers. Put these ideas together, and you have truly effective CCM best practices.

CCM is all about determining the best and most cost-effective way for engaging in a continual, profitable dialogue with customers. In this second volume in the Pitney Bowes-sponsored series of books on CCM, Reed explains where the science of CCM is headed, and how the former barriers to its practical implementation are being broken down.

Shift away from prospecting
Since the first CCM book was sponsored and co-published by Pitney Bowes, research commissioned by the company has observed a gradual shift from prospect-based communication toward existing customer communication. This is consistent with an ongoing move toward ever-tighter direct mail targeting, in line with consumer and commercial expectations of greater relevance in the mail they receive every day.

Click here to request your free copy of this book - while stock lastsAs a special bonus for readers of The Wise Marketer, Pitney Bowes is giving away 1,000 copies of the book to those who claim it online (strictly first come, first served).

The book brings together a series of topical essays on component subjects relevant to CCM, including:

  1. From Return on Investment (ROI) to Return on Customer (ROC)
  2. Market share or market gardening
  3. Where did all the data go?
  4. Data, data everywhere
  5. The fall and rise of direct mail
  6. Customers on call
  7. Marketing by affinity
  8. Can you handle hands-off marketing?

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