A cardless loyalty scheme for car dealerships

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 20, 2006

A cardless loyalty scheme for car dealerships

A new cardless customer loyalty rewards programme called 'Loyalty Accelerator' for the automotive dealership market has been launched in the USA by First Marketing.

According to First Marketing, competition from third-party service providers means that car dealers are increasingly challenged to keep their customers coming back for service and parts after their initial vehicle purchase.

The company's Loyalty Accelerator offering integrates with the car dealer's customer database and both tracks and rewards ongoing transactions without the need for plastic cards. Customers become members of the programme upon their first vehicle purchase, or based on other criteria specified by the dealer. The foundation of the programme is a points-earning strategy, which the dealer can customise for sales, service and referrals. The dealer controls both the services rewarded and the rewards offered.

Member benefits Members can access their account information and redeem points for rewards through a password-protected web site. After become a member, they receive a variety of welcome materials during the first (and most critical) ninety days of the relationship, and then a series of personalised print and e-mail communications. Loyalty Accelerator allows dealers to segment customers, and communicate with them, based on purchase activity and programme participation.

Campaign metrics are also included, as First Marketing tracks ongoing activity relating to each member, and the impact of the programme on purchase behaviour. This allows the dealer to refine the offer over time, and respond to the changing needs and desires of their customers.

According to Ron Drenning, president for First Marketing, "The technology allows dealers to incentivise and reward desired customer behaviour. The ongoing, personalised communication allows dealers to motivate customers with targeted offers. First Marketing manages all the services needed to run a loyalty programme, so it's a smooth experience for the dealer."

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