A loyalty and payments scheme for school funds

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 5, 2004

A loyalty and payments scheme for school funds

The California-based marketing and payments technology firm, Nietech Corporation, has launched its new 'COMMUNITYsmart' payment, processing and settlement service for financial institutions and retailers. The service generates funds for schools and non-profit organisations using a loyalty rewards platform developed by Nietech.

COMMUNITYsmart is effectively a loyalty, rewards, and philanthropy programme that electronically collects and distributes cash for schools and non-profit organisations based on transaction data generated by debit card, credit card and cash purchases.

The scheme gives retailers a performance-based marketing tool that is tied to increased traffic and sales, while also supporting schools and charities and rewarding their customers for their loyalty.

Loyalty points Through the Nietech Administrative System (NAS) transaction and payment platform, purchases are tracked electronically and cash contributions (based on a percentage of the purchase total) are then distributed electronically. At the same time, points are collected toward the cardholder's COMMUNITYsmart Personal Rewards account.

Points earned can be redeemed for unrestricted airline miles, gift certificates, merchandise, or additional charitable contributions. NAS is compatible with existing point of sale systems and consumer card products, meaning that retailers and financial institutions can participate without hardware or software upgrades.

Community support "Through their everyday spending, parents and community supporters can generate cash for schools and non-profit organisations in their immediate communities while earning rewards for themselves," said Barbara Rambo, CEO for Nietech Corporation. "Our reporting system allows retailers and financial institutions to structure and track programme usage, and to measure direct results."

Enrolment in COMMUNITYsmart is free of charge. The cards come in three varieties: a non-payment card, a MasterCard debit card and a MasterCard credit card. The non-payment card is swiped at the point-of-sale to trigger donations when paying with cash or cheque. Personal Rewards and charitable contributions accrue from usage of any of the three types of card.

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