A Loyalty Technology Provider’s Effort to Support Local Business

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 5, 2020

Local businesses are hurting. This loyalty technology provider is helping. Frank Fennell is President & CEO of klosebuy. Klosebuy is a technology platform that, within easy 3 steps, allows a local business to connect with its customers and start advertising immediately. Klosebuy is offering its services for free to businesses in need. Listen to this discussion as Bill Hanifin, Managing Editor Wise Marketer, and Frank Fennell talk about klosebuy and how it can help your local business.

In a hurry? Here are a few key topics with timestamps:

  • 1:20 What does klosebuy do differently?
  • 9:50 Keeping the consumer in control
  • 12:15 Helping businesses in need
Klosebuy has enabled local businesses to increase customer loyalty through its platform.

About klosebuy

Consumers use the klosebuy app to find, favorite, and follow your business. Your business is seen immediately on mobile devices. Consumers find your business, view your advertisements, redeem your rewards, and save and share them socially - all through the app.