A stored-value gift card system for small businesses

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 4, 2002

A stored-value gift card system for small businesses

A new electronic gift card programme, aimed at small regional businesses, has been launched in the US by credit card merchant processor National Processing and stored-value card provider Valutec Card Solutions. The programme aims to build merchants' brands, customer loyalty and sales revenues.

An electronic gift card programme can be a useful marketing tool to help retailers acquire new customers, encourage customer loyalty and create 'ticket lift' (where consumers become less price sensitive).

The plastic, stored-value gift cards can be designed with the retailer's company or product logo to build brand awareness, and can be programmed for a variety of redemption methods. The system presents an end-to-end solution for smaller merchants who can't afford to design and implement their own electronic gift card programmes.

National Processing Company (NPC) says that consumers often spend more per purchase when using gift cards, and that many people find them more convenient than shopping for a specific gift item.

Christopher McNulty, NPC's senior vice president, explained, "This product also doubles as a miniature bill-board in the customer's wallet, boosting brand awareness long after they leave the store. We're continuing to enhance and introduce products to assist small business owners in staying competitive."

For more information: ·  Visit National Processing Company at www.npc.net ·  Visit Valutec Card Solutions at www.valutec.net