Aberdeen praises best 'success strategy' companies

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Posted on April 6, 2006

Aberdeen praises best 'success strategy' companies

Aberdeen Group has praised several companies as 'International Success Strategy Winners', based on their implementations of successful strategies for the management and analysis of customer data, application of customer intelligence, and use of 'closed loop' processes.

The winning companies were selected based on Aberdeen's own customer intelligence research during the past year, which examined more than 800 companies. Success strategy studies for the winning companies have been written up in Aberdeen's report, Success Strategies for Leveraging Customer Intelligence.

According to Aberdeen, its research has confirmed that selective investment in high-value customers can deliver up to three times the value, particularly in terms of increased revenues, reduced operational costs, and increased customer retention and acquisition rates.

Category winners The winning companies were selected from four categories:

  1. Management of customer data
    • A financial services provider increased satisfaction of its B2B insurance agency partners and reduced its total cost of ownership via automation and data synchronisation;  
    • A National Local Exchange Carrier (NLEC) improved customer service levels through the deployment of a customer transaction management solution.
  2. Analysis of customer data
    • A multi-channel retailer was chosen for leveraging an online analytics tool to increase annual sales conversion rates by 23%;  
    • A US$1 billion consumer electronics retailer was chosen for its use of an online customer insight platform;  
    • A Can$17 billion telecommunications provider was chosen for its deployment of real-time customer analytics, as well as for business process change management.
  3. Application of customer intelligence
    • A £111 billion sterling financial services provider improved its customers' experience and attained conversion rates 150% above planned targets;  
    • A business services provider successfully leveraged its CRM solution to provide a 360-degree view of all customer, supplier and vendor interactions;  
    • A diversified online-only bank was chosen for reducing its annual customer migration rate (churn) by 50%.

  4. Closed-loop processes
    • A UK-based media broadcast company successfully deployed closed-loop customer intelligence processes to attain its targeted goals.

Under pressure According to Leslie Ament, director of Aberdeen's customer intelligence research, concluded: "Organisations are pressured to grow revenues, reduce costs, and provide higher levels of customer service in a global marketplace where purchasers have more choices and less time than ever before."

Vendors nominating the winning clients included: Amae Software, Bazaarvoice, ClarityBlue, An Experian Company, Coremetrics, Customer Chemistry, a DHSoft Company, Pervasive Software, Purisma Inc., Portrait Software, SSA CRM, powered by Epiphany, and Sage CRM Solutions.

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