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What is Wise Marketer Group?

This is best answered by our CEO Bill Hanifin and CMO Aaron Dauphinee in this video.  Enjoy!

“The customer marketing industry deserves a “higher-ground” platform to ensure the brightest minds can express their unique point-of-view and be recognized for their talent, vision, and success. We’re responding to demand and amplifying the importance of the industry for global brands.”

Bill Hanifin, CEO Wise Marketer Group

How long has The Wise Marketer publication guided Loyalty Marketers and Loyalty Practitioners?

Who better to answer this question for you then Bill & Aaron.  This second video has them telling the origin story.

For a quarter of a century, The Wise Marketer media brand has informed and guided Loyalty Marketers and Loyalty Practitioners – the how, when, where, why and with what news, insights and research.   

Wise Marketer Group was formed in 2017 with the acquisition of, The Wise Marketer, the premier digital publication for customer loyalty, customer engagement, and customer-centric marketing. 

That same year, the Loyalty Academy was founded as the first global source of independently produced loyalty education for this industry and established the Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionalä (CLMP™) certification as the standard for globally recognized, comprehensive, industry-relevant designation.

The Wise Marketer Group’s is rooted in a shared-belief of its Owners for:

Facts Matter in Decision-making

No decision is ever made with a perfect set of information but decisions derived from accurate and timely data consistently better those decisions formulated from opinion or intuition.

Need Purposeful &
Thoughtful Perspectives

"Crap begets more crap” but quality and consideration beget a path towards generating tangible value and innovation.

Trust Being Paramount

It is the commonality seen within healthy, tenured relationships of all stripes and colors.

Need This Industry’s Intellectual Capital Curated

The industry needs a credible and unbiased voice to serve as the record of truth.

Helping the authentic, genuine, & curious to grow & have fun

Strong and cohesive communities that create material prosperity and gain – more knowledge, expertise, comradery, societal contributions, wealth, innovation – for all of for their members tend to actively mitigate the impact of those who are self-first or self-absorbed.

What Do We Provide?

We publish up to date, authoritative and well-informed content and have developed a practitioner-based curriculum with the added layer of insight that can only come from a leadership team composed of experienced executives who have spent careers pursuing ways and means to attract, develop, and retain customers to develop higher profitability for brands.

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Who are We?

Bill Hanifin, CLMP™

Chief Executive Officer, WMG

AAron Dauphinee, CLMP™

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, WMG

Margaret Meraw, CLMP™

Executive Director, Loyalty Academy

Mike Capizzi, CLMP™

Education Director & Dean, Loyalty Academy

Graeme Thomson, CLMP™

Chairman of Board of Regents, Loyalty Academy

Mason Hanifin

Director Finance & Operations, WMG

Who are our Marketing Partners?