AdPoints offers Nectar points for watching ads

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Posted on October 29, 2012

AdPoints offers Nectar points for watching ads

Adpoints has unveiled a new advertising-based loyalty platform that offers consumers incentives and rewards in return for watching and interacting with online video ads, partnering initially with UK-based coalition loyalty programme, Nectar.

The programme aims to boost consumers' engagement with video advertising while giving brands a greater understanding of how their ads directly affect sales.

Adpoints will allow Nectar collectors to earn points each time they watch an entire advert online. members can then earn additional points by answering simple questions about the advert they viewed, plus further Nectar points if they click through to the brand's website.

Nectar collectors will be able to collect hundreds of Nectar points every week by watching and interacting with adverts of their choice. Consumers can register using their existing Nectar loyalty account, or by setting up a new account via

Through the new platform, adverts can be served based on demographic information, or selected by members from a 'scrolling carousel' on the website. Members are then required to signal their attention and rate each video advert that they watch. Members also have the ability to opt in to receive more information from brands they want to interact with.

Advertisers can track key metrics including ad recall, brand awareness, sentiment, and purchase intention. Adpoints client companies will then benefit from metrics including views, demographic profiles of responses to questions asked (after consumers have viewed an ad), click-throughs to the brand's site, and other activity on the Adpoints website.

Initially, Adpoints will launch on an invitation only basis to Nectar cardholders and then scale up further throughout 2013. In fact, a three month beta test of Adpoints in partnership with Nectar between November 2011 and February 2012 provided the following results:

  • 6,500 members were recruited and, on average, 73% of them were active each month;  
  • The trial generated over 860,000 views - an average of 61 views per month per member;  
  • After viewing an ad, members were invited to answer two questions on subjects including ad recall, brand awareness, brand favourability and future purchase intention. Over 90% of all ad views resulted in a viewer answering these questions;;  
  • More than 50% of all ad views delivered a click through to the advertiser's site (57% clicked to find out more about the product, 34% to seek offers, 29% to research price, 19% to interact with the brand, and 17% to find out where to buy).

According to James Frost, marketing director for Nectar, "We are always looking at innovative ways for members to earn Nectar points, and the Adpoints proposition very much fits the bill. The trial conducted at the end of last year was a resounding success and demonstrates that there is a real hunger among collectors to be rewarded by viewing adverts whenever and wherever they want."

Additional Adpoints distribution partners are expected to be announced in the near future.

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