Advanced retail comes alive at Green Hills

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 5, 2009

Advanced retail comes alive at Green Hills

In the US, Relevance Partners and The Center for Advanced Retail Technology at Green Hills have launched their new 'Relevance Suite' shopper loyalty software platform, providing customised targeted marketing that is integrated with all retail touchpoints.

The Relevance Suite balances the automation and optimisation of targeted offers while enabling greater collaboration with the retailer's vendor partners, which aims to help boost vendor participation, improve targeted marketing programmes, and improve the funding of shopper-centric campaigns.

"Retail 3.0 (see 5 May 2009) is the next wave of grocery retailing and it requires a new level of sophistication in automating personalised shopper offers and distributing them to consumers," explained Gary Hawkins, president fort Hawkins Strategic. "Our new platform supports this, and will be our primary resource for shopper insight, offer automation, CPG collaboration, and campaign management."

The platform was purpose-built for retailers and, according to Dave Carlson, CEO for Relevance Partners, it helps retailers to enlist vendor support while controlling and measuring shopper communications.

The platform's architecture and software modules were created to provide new marketing efficiencies for retailers by allowing non-technical end users to directly mine their own shopper transaction database.

According to Hawkins, retailers can also use the new platform to consolidate and automate tasks that usually require multiple stand-alone applications, including segmentation, business intelligence (BI) and consumer insights, targeting, and circular analysis.

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