Advantex to introduce merchant funding programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 5, 2005

Advantex to introduce merchant funding programme

Advantex Marketing International has sold its Samplex Division for some Can$3m and is to concentrate on its loyalty operations. Separating the two businesses will enable each to become more focused and grow in its own right.

Plans are in place for Advantex to introduce a merchant funding programme, expanding the market for the company's products and services among small to mid-sized merchants. The programme is a source of working capital for merchants in connection with Advantex's customer loyalty marketing programme. Under the programme, participating merchants receive cash advances based on future credit card sales. The programme improves gross margins for Advantex when combined with its loyalty marketing programmes.

Malls to grow Advantex's online shopping mall business is expected to grow as customer enrolment and shopping volumes climb and new malls are added. The marketing audience for the online shopping malls currently consists of approximately twenty million active frequent flyer members, and over 250 participating national brand and boutique e-retailers. Continued improvements in fee rates earned and increased consumer purchasing are expected.

A new online shopping mall platform developed over the past year will increase Advantex's speed to market for new customised mall programmes and will provide greater flexibility in creating and managing special promotions, both of which provide Advantex with competitive advantages.

Partners Advantex loyalty partners include CIBC, United Mileage Plus, Delta Air Lines, The New York Times, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, and other major North American corporations, as well as a growing list of restaurants, retailers, golf courses, small inns and resorts.

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