Aeroplan app helps members with reward goals

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Posted on August 1, 2012

Aeroplan app helps members with reward goals

In Canada, the Aeroplan coalition loyalty programme has introduced the latest version of its mobile app for Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices, extending the features of the programme's mobile web site and offering a 'goal setter' feature that helps members track their reward goals.

The new app now includes a 'Goal Setter' feature which has its own notifications engine to alert members at various steps along the way toward their award travel goals.

Goal Setter was designed to help members set travel goals by defining their own destination, tracking their progress as they accumulate miles by participating in the programme, and receiving timely and relevant tips along the way to help them reach their goal more quickly.

For example, a member can set a goal for a trip for two to Sydney, Australia, then use the app on a regular basis to review their progress and get helpful hints and promotional offers designed to help them reach that goal sooner.

Other useful features of the new app include:

  • Account management - members can use the app to view their account history and transactions.  
  • Partners and promotions listings.  
  • A partner locator map that pinpoints partners based on the member's current location (location aware).  
  • A virtual Aeroplan Card.  
  • A contacts list including Air Canada Top Tier priority contacts.

"The goal of Aeroplan's mobile app is to increase member awareness and engagement with the programme while extending the online Aeroplan experience," explained David Klein, vice president of marketing & innovation for Aeroplan. "The app helps reinforce our brand and provides key insight into member mobile usage which will guide our future mobile strategy and development."

Distributed via the Apple App Store and soft-launched in February 2012, the app has already been rated in the top ten for both iPad Travel and iPod Travel apps at the Apple App Store, and has been downloaded more than 150,000 times already.

At the same time, Aeroplan also launched its 'Aeroplan Mobile App Travel Goal' contest, in which members stand to win one of three prizes of 200,000 miles each, in return for setting up a travel goal using Aeroplan's app (up until 31st August 2012).

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