Affinity fundraising through eMax web portal

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 5, 2002

Affinity fundraising through eMax web portal

The launch of a new fundraising web portal, eMaxNet, will enable many charitable organisations and associations to receive as much as 40% of revenues generated from online shopping through the site.

eMaxNet was founded to promote family entertainment and products while sharing the income with charitable organisations and associations such as schools, churches, daycare centres, and clubs.

The portal is to be a family entertainment and media network that offers something for every consumer: shopping, listening to music, playing games, and research and learning tools.

According to eMax, a large number of charitable organisations have websites but they have no real products or entertainment for their members. The new portal aims to be the business partner site of choice for such organisations, signing them up as partners and sharing the sales revenue.

Chuck Weber, president of eMax Corporation, explained, "We have spent the past few years building the portal's foundation of entertainment content, and our goal is to keep everything family oriented."

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