Aimia to Sell Half its Investment in Cardlytics

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 2, 2019

Aimia continues to evolve its capital structure and business focus as it seeks to reestablish its identity among global loyalty service providers. The announcement on August 27, 2019 that Montreal, Quebec-based “loyalty analytics specialist” Aimia plans to sell approximately half its investment in Cardlytics for $CAN 59.8m ($US 44.9m) signifies another step on this path.

As you read the press release here, consider these comments and questions:

  1. Does the sale of stock speak more about Aimia’s future strategic direction, the future of Card Linked Offers, or a little of both?
  2. Aimia self-describes now as a “loyalty analytics specialist”. This definition invites thought rather than delivering an immediately clear message. What’s your take on the meaning of the tagline?
  3. Jeremy Rabe, Aimia CEO, is a brilliant strategist and industry veteran. What do you predict will be his next move? (Hint: stay tuned for an interview).

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