Loylogic's white paper for frequent flyer programs selling miles directly to members

Rational Pricing for Frequent Flyer Airline Miles

Best practices for frequent flyer programs selling miles directly to members.

Many Frequent Flyer programs sell currency directly to members through a “Buy Miles” feature, and even more are considering tapping into this highly lucrative miles retailing business. But getting the price right is tricky. Where is the sweet spot between margin and customer engagement?

Loylogic benchmarked 30 leading FFPs to determine strategies and best practices on how to successfully sell miles to members. This report contains the findings of our study and will give you tangible insights on how to maximize revenue and member engagement from your Buy Miles feature.

Download our report to learn:

  • How the value of FFP miles fluctuates widely
  • If and how Buy Miles pricing is related to the true value of a mile
  • What strategies and tools can be used to maximize sales volumes
  • How to engage a broad member base and boost product take-up

Get the report now or contact us to learn more about Buy, Gift and Transfer Miles products, as Loylogic also offers customized pricing studies for your specific competitive set.

Download the complete report below.

Loylogic Frequent Flyer White Paper
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Rational Pricing for Frequent Flyer Airline Miles
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