All-business airline offers free flight rewards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 24, 2007

All-business airline offers free flight rewards

The low-cost, business class-only airline Silverjet has announced the launch of its alternative to a frequent flyer programme - the 'Freequent Flyer Rewards' programme, which rewards customers with free return flights between the UK and USA.

The airline's new customer reward offering was designed to circumvent the kind of restrictions, extra fees and blackout periods that have been associated with some other frequent flyer programmes.

Free tickets to the UK Silverjet, a British low-fare airline that offers only business class trans-Atlantic flights, has launched its programme with an offer for any passenger with a frequent flyer membership with any other airline to fly with Silverjet and receive a free ticket toward a round-trip flight between Newark, NY, USA, and London, UK. The offer lasts until 25th May 2007.

To qualify for the offer, passengers wanting to fly from Newark to London must register at the airline's web site, including details of their existing frequent flyer programme membership. Silverjet then e-mails a Freequent Flyer promotion code and booking instructions to the passenger, providing a free ticket back to New York for every one-way flight booked to London.

Luxury without limits There is no limit to the number of flights that customers can book, although all bookings must be made by midnight on Monday 25th May 2007. Tickets are valid for all flights offered through the Silverjet booking system.

Silverjet flights carry only 100 passengers, all of which have 6'3" flat beds with individual AC power outlets, privacy screens, a seat back massager. Flights include luxury meals, personal digital in-flight entertainment, noise reduction headsets, and separate restrooms. At the terminal, passengers experience fast track security and a 30 minute check-in that's carried out while waiting in the airline's private lounge.

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