American Express enhances TrackPoint and Preferred Extras

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 24, 2005

American Express enhances TrackPoint and Preferred Extras

American Express Business Travel has updated two of its traveller benefits: the web-based TrackPoint security system is being made available to US-based clients, and Preferred Extras Hotel programme has been extended to 10,000 hotels across 140 countries.

The TrackPoint application is designed to help business travel managers (as well as risk and security departments) to quickly locate travellers who are beset by unexpected events and crises, such as severe weather or terrorist acts.

By helping companies to quickly identify and locate their travellers in the event of an emergency, and by delivering additional corporate savings, the system aligns with travel managers' efforts to motivate and improve compliance with corporate travel policies and plans.

Point-and-find Built into the American Express web environment as a component of the American Express @Work reporting suite, TrackPoint has an intuitive, point-and-click graphical user interface to help users drill down to country, state/province and city level, and view an individual traveller's itinerary.

Additionally, by checking on pre-travel data and updating traveller information every few hours, TrackPoint ensures that evolving itineraries are captured upon booking, ticketing or change. And by allowing the user to view travel data eight days in advance of the travel start date, the system also improves pre-travel planning and analysis.

More savings The recently extended Preferred Extras Hotel programme offers businesses a range of savings and offers on nearly 10,000 hotel properties in 3,400 cities, spread throughout 140 countries. The programme is available to business clients worldwide.

The programme offers businesses reduced-rate deals from 29 hotel chains, including Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Hilton Family, Omni Hotels, Preferred Hotel Group and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. These and other programme partners often also include add-on amenities such as free high-speed internet access, fitness facilities and access to club rooms.

According to Andy McGraw, senior vice president for American Express Business Travel, through the TrackPoint and Preferred Extras programmes, the company aims to ensure that its clients have access to both efficient traveller security systems and negotiated travel deals. "TrackPoint and Preferred Extras, specifically, provide business travellers every reason they'd need to book within corporate policy: be located more quickly should the unexpected calamity strike; receive value-added hotel perks; shave T&E line-item costs," said McGraw.

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