Another 5,000 PayPass self-service terminals roll out

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 29, 2006

Another 5,000 PayPass self-service terminals roll out

USA Technologies is to equip 5,000 more self-service point-of-sale terminals and vending machines with its e-Port cashless transaction system to accept MasterCard PayPass contactless payments.

The rollout of the extra 5,000 self-service terminals follows the recent deployment of e-Port in vending machines in Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state area. The new e-Port units will be deployed throughout the US in New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Denver, Seattle, Miami and Orlando.

Major brand involvement The deployment will encompass several major brand names, in a number of environments such as workplaces, entertainment locations, travel locations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and so on.

"The self-service point-of-sale industry, including vending, is largely untapped by cashless payment companies, and offers huge opportunity for growth and expansion," explained T. J. Sharkey, group head of national accounts for US commerce development at MasterCard Worldwide.

Consumer convenience To use the e-Port cashless payment system, consumers can simply tap their MasterCard PayPass-enabled payment card or device on the e-Port terminal. Within seconds, the terminal flashes a light and produces a tone signalling that the transaction has been completed successfully.

As with all MasterCard PayPass transactions under US$25, no signature is required. The terminals also accept traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards.

After this latest expansion, MasterCard and USA Technologies will have deployed a total of 6,000 PayPass enabled e-Ports in major metropolitan US cities during the past six months.

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