Asda divines UK election results from special ale sales

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 2, 2005

Asda divines UK election results from special ale sales

In a clever ploy to identify the average consumer's pre-election political opinion, the UK supermarket ASDA has been selling three specially branded ales, each identified by a political party name and qualities. The results of this unusual poll revealed a strong swing to the left, favouring 'Labour Landslide Bitter'.

Labour Landslide Bitter grabbed 37% of ASDA's 'vote with your throat' poll following the first two week's of sales of the supermarket's specially selected range of election ales. The Conservatives' Tory Triumph has slipped back to 29%, with Lib Dem Lift Off hot on its heels at 26%. The ales are all priced at £1.48, and are available in all 220 ASDA stores across the country.

"We are encouraging shoppers to continue 'voting with their throats', although it appears Labour has taken an unassailable lead. Lib Dem Lift Off drinkers are clearly the most undecided, with many buying all three party ales together," said an amused Ged Futter, ASDA's chief beer buyer.

And here's how ASDA convinced shoppers to side with the country's main parties when choosing an ale (as described by ASDA - these views are not necessarily those of The Wise Marketer):

  • Labour Landslide Bitter "Once a deep red ale with a strong union of extreme flavours and minority appeal. Landslide now has a recipe with a blue tinge and prudent ingredients that appeal to all tastes. The initial perception is of a confident, very smooth beer – but with the suspicion that some off notes have been covered up. It has a nice head – but may not stay around too long – watch carefully your glass may turn Brown."  
  • Lib Dem Lift-Off Bitter "A cheeky young and pretentious beer - plump and humorous. Perhaps more promise than it can deliver. It has strong European flavours and is itching to be taken seriously. Nicely balanced beer that could hold more power than expected - the alternative pint."  
  • Tory Triumph Bitter "An old established ale with a long pedigree. Recently out of favour but looking for a return to popularity. A true blue bitter. It has a dark head with something of the night about it. Perhaps for the richer palate with a luxurious, toffee-nosed background, but claims to be good for the constitution. Now brewed without any continental ingredients to appeal to traditional drinkers."  
  • Plaid Cymru and SNP Independence Ales Both from fiercely independent breweries. Heady mixes of purely local ingredients. The nose has a strong regional accent and it's brewed only for local consumption. Strong undercurrent of grass roots and just desserts though it may not travel well.

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