Attitudinal targeting is now 'more effective'

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 23, 2010

Attitudinal targeting is now 'more effective'

Attitudinal targeting is more effective than demographic targeting for brand advertisers that need to reach large volumes of accurately defined audiences, according to attitudinal targeting company Resonate Networks.

The company asserts that attitudinal targeting techniques can help marketers to find audiences that are likely to be receptive to their message, based on consumers' attitudes, values and beliefs, resulting in a stronger ROI.

For example, Resonate's own research methodology identifies the target audience based on attitudes, values and beliefs, and then delivers an online campaign designed specifically for that audience. This approach targets online consumers based on the values which influence their purchases (such as 'spending time with family' or 'healthy living), or reaching an audience defined by their views on social issues (such as 'climate change' or 'childhood obesity').

"Advertisers and brand marketers spend a significant amount of time and money researching and developing their target audiences, and identifying the best message to connect on a deeper level to drive brand and product loyalty, but when they try to apply this knowledge online they are forced to dilute their strategy to fit the limitations of demographic and purchase behaviour targeting," explained Bryan Gernert, CEO for Resonate.

But brand marketers must consider that consumers' attitudes, values and beliefs are at the heart of all the decisions they make, whether that is to support a cause or purchase a product, and attitudinal targeting can allow brands to connect with their target audiences online more effectively.

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