Augeo FI Rebrands to ampliFI Loyalty Solutions

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 23, 2020

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – (January 23, 2020) – Augeo FI, a leader in financial institution loyalty, has announced the business’ rebrand to ampliFI Loyalty Solutions. The extensive rebrand heightens the focus on advancing to new horizons taking cardholder engagement to the next level.

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is the end-to-end platform solution provider of loyalty programs for banks and credit unions. The company’s unique platform combined with custom, product-engagement solutions symbiotically merges with the company’s mission to ampliFI to new heights. As the networks, issuers and processors, along with online and mobile-app providers advance into a new digital space, Mike Knoop, Chief Executive Officer, wanted to ensure the company stays ahead of the market demand and show the team’s commitment to ampliFI through the same lens of technology and innovation. “Some companies deliver marketing, while some focus on points and rewards programs, and some drive portfolio growth and engagement,” says Knoop. “We ampliFI all of that!”

“ampliFI Loyalty Solutions’ new branding reinforces our company’s culture of working tirelessly to support our great clients and partners, investing in product innovation and aligning with the values and expected impact for those utilizing our products and services,” says Ron Silvia, Chief Revenue Officer. The company will continue to invest to ampliFI engagement by delivering a robust offering of rewards and loyalty solutions with a personalized, dynamic approach. “As we look to continue to advance, we must keep an eye on innovation as our clients will continue to rely on us more and more to drive increased engagement and to ampliFI the experience to bring new product solutions to market­­­­­­­­­­—like real-time redemptions and gamification,” says Silvia. ampliFi Loyalty Solutions is excited to be bringing to the market expanded program elements such as multiple gamification elements, data analytics, peer benchmarking, partnership expansion with Visa and the card networks and real-time rewards through a Pay With Points solution.

The new logo symbolizes the business’ overall growth and strength featuring an apex representing the upwards impact for clients, cardholders and objectives for partnerships. The stroke through the apex defines the constant focus to the horizon from product innovation, platform enhancement, data advancement and ampliFI’d engagement. “As we look to retain and grow our position in-market, we wanted to create a name and logo which our team, our clients and our partners would be proud of and encapsulate what we stand for as a supporting business to thousands of financial institutions and beyond,” says Megan Zuber, Vice President of Marketing and Engagement Strategy.

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions has been serving the market for over 20 years with nearly 2,000 clients, influencing spend on over 25 million cards with over 60 billion points on file. “The positive impact we have had and are continuing to have for our clients, partners and their cardholders is one of the best in the industry,” says Knoop. In the end, he says ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is proud to be the same team with the same passion but delivering ampliFI’d results with a new identity and mission to ampliFI the engagement, ampliFI the impact, ampliFI the experience. 


About ampliFI Loyalty Solutions

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is a market-leading, outsourced provider of customized loyalty program solutions for banks and credit unions. With over 20 years of managing loyalty programs in the financial services space and an experienced management team, ampliFI Loyalty Solutions operates an industry leading platform, supporting nearly 2,000 loyalty programs for many banks and credit unions in the United States. The company is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois and operates within a PCI compliant environment, influencing spend for over 25 million cardholders. For more information, visit www.amplifiloyalty.com.

Contact: Megan Zuber | Vice President, Marketing & Engagement Strategy
Email:                  mzuber@amplifiloyalty.com
Telephone:          d: 331.888.3238 | o: 331.888.3400
Website:              www.amplifiloyalty.com


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