Australian multi-brand loyalty scheme gets results

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 13, 2005

Australian multi-brand loyalty scheme gets results

The initial trial of a loyalty programme by the Brazin Group in Australia has led to members visiting the stores more frequently, spending more on each visit, and also to more shopping across the brand portfolio.

The Pulse loyalty programme, first trialled by Brazin in South Australia in the last quarter of 2004, is now rolling out across 600+ stores in Australia, including entertainment retailers Virgin Entertainment, Sanity Music and EzyDVD, and fashion retailers BnT Lingerie, Ghetto, Dusk and Insane.

Pulse was developed by Brazin in conjunction with New Zealand-based Visible Results, using the company's Graphicard, an ultra-slim card that uses thermochromic technology. The thermochromic process uses a thermal printer at the point of sale to erase old information and replace it with new information in real time during each transaction.

Instant updates Customers receive a personalised card instantly at the point of sale with an immediate points balance and personalised messages. The card also delivers advertising that is targeted to each customer's unique interests. The same card is then visually updated every time the cardholder shops, with new point balances and promotional messages being printed on the it's face. Instant prizes and special offers are shown on the card at the point of sale and reward vouchers can be automatically triggered.

Data All customer transactional data is stored on the card and is relayed nightly to Visible Results' global data centre, enabling Brazin to have an up-to-date view of all customers across all of its brands, and identify cross-marketing opportunities within its portfolio. And when a new brand is acquired, relevant customers from the existing customer base can easily be directed to it.

Visible Results also provides an integrated web-based analytics suite and campaign management tool that enables data-mining, customer segmentation, product affinity analysis and profiling, as well as ROI evaluation of all campaigns. Because it is web-based, relevant Brazin team members have permission-based access to various levels of data, both at Head Office or in the field.

Staff too A loyalty programme is also being introduced for Brazin's 6,000+ staff. This tracks and controls the level of staff discounts allowed, and captures staff purchase history, enabling them to also receive offers and personally relevant communications.

According to Greg Milne, Brazin's CEO, "The key benefits of Pulse are the cross brand opportunities; our ability to communicate relevantly with customers; and the consumer insights we bring to our team that enable us to achieve enhanced sales. Shop in Sanity and earn points to redeem in Bras' n' Things. Buy a DVD from EzyDVD and earn points to buy some of the latest styles from Ghetto."

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