AwardTrack loyalty platform goes multi-lingual

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Posted on July 2, 2003

AwardTrack loyalty platform goes multi-lingual

Pass Privilege's customer loyalty software, 'AwardTrack', has been made multi-lingual on an individual member basis, with the launch of the AwardTrack Global software platform. The technology allows individual consumers to choose their preferred language for communications with each programme operator.

After two years of behind-the-scenes work expanding the firm's existing AwardTrack loyalty platform, the new multi-lingual platform also features a number of enhancements in campaign management hierarchies, security, scalability, catalogue management, customer service, reporting, and data integration.

The Wise Marketer asked Pass Privilege's vice president of marketing, Robert Loll, to confirm that the new system allows a single programme member to specify a language for all their communications with a loyalty programme.

"That's a good question. Language is completely dependant on the user, whether they happen to be programme staff or consumers," said Loll. "The programme administration sites can be viewed by CSR's, marketing staff, administration teams, and so on, in the language of their choice just as the end user - whether a card holder, bank customer, or programme member - can communicate in the language of their choice."

Best features According to Mike Sofen, Pass Privilege's chief software architect, the feature that is of most interest to the firm's clients has been the ease of creating and managing a large family of loyalty programme offers without reprogramming any system components.

Apart from a wider range of application hosting options, AwardTrack Global's administration site contains modules for managing all aspects of a promotion, plus modules for customer service, proxy redemption, member unification (the virtual linking of separate member accounts), multi-catalogue management, data processing, bulk e-mail processing, and management reporting.

Sofen added: "The entire admin site is fully multilingual, allows domain data to be updated without reprogramming, and allows new languages to be added at any time - including Asian and Middle Eastern text. To start with, we fully support English and Spanish."

Consumer interface The consumer-facing web site integrates smoothly with the retailer's existing site to retrieve and manipulate member data in real time.

All aspects of the member experience are represented, including monthly statements, activity reports, profile maintenance, opt ins, opt outs, and redemptions.

The layout, navigation, member features, and visible data are all configured to the retailer's specifications, and Pass Privilege's level of involvement with the consumer-facing site can range from simple integration issues through to creating and hosting a client's entire site.

Who can benefit? "The ability to manage extremely complex business rules, multiple products with multiple point earning hierarchies, in multiple countries, using multiple languages, and multiple currencies, on a single platform is critical for a marketing department," commented Pass Privilege's president, Brian Marvin.

"The biggest beneficiaries will be companies with heavy consumer frequency, such as banks, retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, convenience stores, telecommunication providers, and athletic properties," he added.

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