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Barclays US Consumer Bank Announces 2nd Annual Travel Rewards and Loyalty Report

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 23, 2024

Barclays US Consumer Bank announced its second annual Travel Rewards and Loyalty Report. The report provides fresh insights into what travelers care about related to loyalty programs and rewards in 2024, and explores consumer attitudes, sentiments, and behaviors related to travel, loyalty, and rewards programs.

Key findings include:

  • Among US travelers, 77% are currently enrolled in a loyalty program, and 89% have been enrolled in a loyalty program at some point. These loyalty programs include airlines, hotels, online booking sites, car rentals, and cruise lines.
  • More than a third of travelers in loyalty programs (37%) consider rewards points an essential part of their travel budget.
  • Millennials will travel the most for business this year (30%) out of the age groups surveyed. While Baby Boomers will travel the least for business this year (7%), they will travel the most for leisure (93%).

You can find the press release here.