BestLifeRewarded aims to aid Canadian health

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 4, 2011

BestLifeRewarded aims to aid Canadian health

Cookson James Loyalty has launched a pilot loyalty programme called 'Best Life Rewarded', offering rewards for citizens who make healthy lifestyle choices, with a mass Canadian consumer launch being planned for April 2011.

A recent Canadian Medical Association report warned that in order for Canada's healthcare system to be sustainable, the country needs to focus on patient-centred care, incentives for enhancing access and improving quality of care, enhancing patient access to care, helping providers help patients, and increasing accountability and responsibility.

As a result, the healthcare industry understands the importance of encouragin people to eat healthily, give up smoking, take medications properly, and be more physically active.

With some 93% of Canadians say they are currently engaged in at least one customer loyalty programme, the Best Life Rewarded programme was created to offer health incentives, to motivate Canadians in a tangible way to take small steps toward healthy lifestyle changes.

Developed by Cookson James Loyalty, is a coalition health programme that provides health information, tools, and reminders in personalised way to drive desired actions and behavioural changes.

The programme is linked to various Canadian government and national not-for-profit websites to make use of existing resources, while health point incentives offer patients the opportunity to earn points toward health-related items (such as healthy cookbooks, healthy groceries, diagnostic tools, and even consultations with Registered Dietitians).

Built on evidence-based behaviour change research, along with consumer marketing principals, aims to guide patients toward healther lives through a five-step strategy:

  1. User-centred: targeting the right approach to the right person at the right time;  
  2. Creating self-efficacy through small steps: a belief that 'I can improve my health';  
  3. Reward effort vs. only outcomes using motivational language;  
  4. Self-monitoring, journaling and "knowing your numbers" to reinforce positive action;  
  5. Tangible incentives: external motivator transitioning to intrinsic motivation over time.

Starting in the first quarter of 2011, several industry and not-for-profit partners will promote the Best Life Rewarded programme as a 'total health adherence system' for lifestyle and medication management.

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