Better engagement: SMS loyalty redemptions on the spot

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 10, 2006

Better engagement: SMS loyalty redemptions on the spot

A frequent flyer mileage debiting process using mobile phones and text messages is now allowing members of SN Brussels' Privilege loyalty scheme members to redeem their miles for mobile phone content (wallpapers and ring tones) at will, in real-time.

The novelty application was developed by the airline's loyalty programme operator, Loyalty Gate Ltd (part of ICLP), and the multimedia content was developed by mobile communication supplier Wirelesspark.

Cost to users The cost per download is between 250 and 750 miles, while the SMS redemption message itself is free of charge. Target groups for SN Brussels include members with strong loyalty to the Privilege programme as well as members with small account balances (who lack the miles to redeem for flight awards, which start at 10,000 miles). SN Brussels Airlines said it also plans to launch additional mobile products for its frequent flyers during 2006.

Redemption process The system effectively links the member's mobile phone handset with the IT system of the airline's loyalty programme. In a matter of seconds data is verified, acquiring an authorisation, recording the transaction, and finally debiting the mileage balance - all in real-time. All the member has to do is to send an SMS to a special number, containing a particular keyword for the type of media required, followed by their loyalty programme membership number and their PIN (to prevent fraudulent redemptions).

Consumer engagement Whereas most frequent flyer programmes have been working toward faster redemptions through online award travel bookings and redemption partnerships with online accommodation and transportation partners, non-travel rewards are still usually processed offline.

In general terms, the option to redeem for entertaining products and services in real-time means that consumers are able to use their loyalty miles in immediate response to emotional motivators and desires, which is likely to lead to a greater feeling of engagement with the brand that fulfils the need.

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